Archive | March, 2006

Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 5 – Biggest. Show. Ever.

Fortress of Solitude - Superman Returns

Rumors and Ratings and Trailers, oh my! We cover a TON of exciting news from the last two weeks, and tackle a very full mail bag. Also introduce our new “call-in” messages and talk about the Do-It-Yourself Fortress of Solitude kit! You can find all of your hosts and STC on Twitter: @SuperTalkConcrn | @SixOkay | @LeeLoChip

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 4 – Underwear on the Outside

Superman Returns Videogame

Doug Adams from Film Score Monthly joins us to discuss the challenges that John Ottman faces in adapting Wiliams classic score for a modern film and audience. In addition, we open up the SuperTalk Mailbox for the first time, and discuss recent SR news – Routh playing Basketball, potential for a Returns sequel, and the trailer for the SR […]

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