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Podcast – Vol 2, Issue 4

SPOILERS – The issue you’ve been waiting for has arrived. We’ve all seen Man of Steel now, the movie that this very podcast was specifically revived for. Now, it’s time to talk about it. Did we like it? Did we hate it? Press play to find out how we three fell on the latest Superman […]

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Podcast – Vol 2, Issue 2

Jor-El - Man of Steel

In the last episode, we were eagerly anticipating the release of the Man of Steel trailer, and we got it right when we expected. So, without hesitation, we drew together our Justice League to discuss the our favorite moments and the many themes found in the new trailer. We also tackled several of your questions […]

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Podcast – Vol 2, Issue 1

General Zod - Man of Steel

Just like Superman, it took a bit longer than expected for us to return, but Supertalk Concern is finally back! Jon, Alison, and Justin have all returned to discuss the latest goings-on about the upcoming Man of Steel – or in this case, the lack thereof. In the latest issue, we discuss the drought of […]

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Podcast – Vol 2, Issue 0

\S/ - Man of Steel

By now you’ve all seen the Man of Steel trailer in theaters with the Hobbit, and if you haven’t, we can’t be friends anymore. Just kidding! Seriously, go see it. It’s been 5 long years since SuperTalk Concern left us without a heroic podcast, but finally, SuperTalk Returns! I was so excited about the new […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 23 – The Man of Steel is Back!

Man of Steel is Back

Following last issue’s reading of ‘Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman,’ we dive into another article from the Daily Planet. This time, it’s ”The Man of Steel is Back!’ Before we get to that, though, we cover some fantastic emails, including a response to last week’s article, and a whole mess of DC movie news – Superman Returns, […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 22 – Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman

Superman reading the Newspaper

After a mysterious absence, SuperTalk Concern has returned. In this episode, we talk about some big shake-ups in the DC-on-film universe including shake-ups for Wonder Woman and The Flash, plus progress on both Watchmen and a live action Justice League film! In the second  segment of the show, I’ll read from an SR movie prop the article written by […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 20 – Do They Mean England?

Wonder Woman

Finally! Wonder Woman is here! In our 20th issue, we talk about Man of Steel Cameos, Dates with Paris Hilton, and then spend the latter half of the show discussing Wonder Woman with listener emails! Also, we announce the winner of the Kryptin Contest, and try out a new outro tune! You can find all of your hosts […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 19 – Launching in Style

Ultimate DVD

Wonder Woman gets pushed again, this time so we can pay a visit to the Red Carpet Superman Returns DVD and Video Game Launch Party!  Listen in for interview with several attendees from the event, including Superman himself, Brandon Routh. I was so flustered by it all that not  only do I mispronounce Jamal Igle’s name in this issue, […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 18 – A Visit to Ludovico

Robert with Brandon

Lots of great Superman and Batman related news today as we cover the latest from The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, The Batman, and Action Comics, as well as a world without the big heroes in the new 52 podcast from DC. We take some viewer emails, and head over to  Ludovico Technique to talk to Rob Burnett, Producer and […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 17 – Thy Kingdom Come!

The Dark Knight

As promised, SuperTalk Concern is spreading it’s wings. This week – Zack Snyder on Watchmen, DCU Animated Extravaganza, bits of ’52’, go read DMZ, Superman Returns: The Video Game, and a whole load of Batman The Dark Knight! You can find all of your hosts and STC on Twitter: @SuperTalkConcrn | @SixOkay | @LeeLoChip

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