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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 23 – The Man of Steel is Back!

Man of Steel is Back

Following last issue’s reading of ‘Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman,’ we dive into another article from the Daily Planet. This time, it’s ”The Man of Steel is Back!’ Before we get to that, though, we cover some fantastic emails, including a response to last week’s article, and a whole mess of DC movie news – Superman Returns, […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 21 – Beware Our Power!

Green Lantern Corps

With our usual does of fun and frivolity, today we cover tons of Dark Knight news, some Wonder Woman rumors, more Flash Speculation, and wrap it all up with a Mail Box discussion of everyone’s favorite Emerald Crusaders – The Green Lanter Corps! You can find all of your hosts and STC on Twitter: @SuperTalkConcrn | @SixOkay | @LeeLoChip

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 19 – Launching in Style

Ultimate DVD

Wonder Woman gets pushed again, this time so we can pay a visit to the Red Carpet Superman Returns DVD and Video Game Launch Party!  Listen in for interview with several attendees from the event, including Superman himself, Brandon Routh. I was so flustered by it all that not  only do I mispronounce Jamal Igle’s name in this issue, […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 18 – A Visit to Ludovico

Robert with Brandon

Lots of great Superman and Batman related news today as we cover the latest from The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, The Batman, and Action Comics, as well as a world without the big heroes in the new 52 podcast from DC. We take some viewer emails, and head over to  Ludovico Technique to talk to Rob Burnett, Producer and […]

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Podcast – Vol 1, Issue 17 – Thy Kingdom Come!

The Dark Knight

As promised, SuperTalk Concern is spreading it’s wings. This week – Zack Snyder on Watchmen, DCU Animated Extravaganza, bits of ’52’, go read DMZ, Superman Returns: The Video Game, and a whole load of Batman The Dark Knight! You can find all of your hosts and STC on Twitter: @SuperTalkConcrn | @SixOkay | @LeeLoChip

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